Hamburg to replicate WASTECOSMART optical sorting tests

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City inspired by successful pilots carried out in Sweden and The Netherlands

The City of Hamburg is planning to replicate the optical sorting user test performed in Amsterdam and Sundbyberg, after hearing about the system during a WASTECOSMART presentation at the Hamburg TREND event earlier this year.


Jonas Törnblom from Swedish cluster partner Envac Group spoke at the event, introducing the more than 200 conference-goers to the project and in particular the Optibag optical sorting system. He also presented results of the pilots carried out in the Swedish and Dutch cluster as part of WASTECOSMART in 2015.


Representatives from the City of Hamburg were clearly impressed, and are considering conducting a similar test in the city at the start of next year.


The Optibag optical sorting system automatically separates different coloured refuse bags. This allows households to store all their waste bags in a single container, meaning waste can be collected more regularly and efficiently. Learn more about the system here