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The West Outer borough of Turin boosts its waste management performance thanks to WASTECOSMART

The cluster is setup in the Province of Turin, Piedmont Region, North-West of Italy. Predominantly mountainous, the Piedmont Region is surrounded on three sides by the Alps and borders with France and Switzerland.


Over the past 10 years, this WASTECOSMART cluster experienced an increase in both its population and GDP and now counts with a population of 50 thousand inhabitants for an area of 18 km².

The population of the cluster produces 535 kg of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) per capita. From this waste 55.5% recycled and goes 44.5% to landfill. In order to improve the situation, the Province of Turin started several initiatives. It now provides a door-to-door separate waste collection in all its districts and collects five categories of waste: paper, organic, glass/tins, plastic, or undifferentiated.


There are multiple partners involved in this WASTECOSMART cluster. The public authority in partnership with the cluster are the Municipality of Collegno and the ENGIM San Paolo Giuseppini del Murialdo. As for the academia, the cluster counts with the Politecnico di Torino. And finally, on the business side, the cluster can count with the expertise of Ago Renewables SpA and CIDIU SpA.


In the next years, the members of the Turin cluster plan to increase the quality of the separated collection in order to decrease landfill and incinerator disposal. Also, a system allowing citizens to pay according to their real production of waste will be introduced.

The cluster will also carry out awareness campaigns to reduce the quantity of packages in shops, promote domestic compost production, and reduce food waste in school canteens.

For more information about this cluster:

Piedmont Region Cluster:

Academia: Politecnico di Torino, European Research Institute

Business: Ago Renewables SpA, CIDIU SpA, moltosenso  

Public authority: Comune di Collegno, ENGIM San Paolo Giuseppini del Murialdo


Contact details:

Name: Iskender Forioso

Company: Engim San Paolo