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The Stockholm Region Cluster is improving waste separation and recycling in order to become the most attractive metropolitan region in Europe.

The Stockholm Region Cluster intends to provide a favourable environment in order to attract both tourism and investments. Moreover, one of the region’s main goals is to become resource efficient. In order to reach this specific goals of resource conservation and supply, the Stockholm region must primarily reduce waste and use waste as a resource.

The WASTECOSMART Stockholm Region Cluster comprises the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden as Academia partner, Envac AB will act as Business partner and the Municipality of Sundbyberg is the Public Authority supporting the cluster. The Stockholm Region Cluster covers an area of more than 6.500 km2and counts with a population of more than 2 million inhabitants.

In the Stockholm Region, separate waste collection is available for the following waste streams: packagings, newspapers, papers, bulky waste, batteries, hazardous waste, WEEE, clothes & textiles, and furnitures. The waste is collected either at home, the so-called curbside collection, or transported by an underground system from households to 27 recycling centres and 754 public recycling stations existing in the region.

In order to improve its current situation, the Stockholm Region Cluster will need to implement some changes. These improvements include the reduction of the amount of waste generated per capita as well as a better separation of the hazardous waste from other waste streams. Other changes will aim at making sure that the waste can be either re-used or recycled and that the production of bio-fertilizer and biogas is increased. These changes will be supported by a communications effort to encourage active participation of all stakeholders in better waste management.


For more information about this cluster:

Stockholm Region Cluster:

Academia: SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Business: Envac AB

Public authority: Municipality of Sundbyberg


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Name: Mr Inge Johansson         

Company: SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden