Resident inspired solutions in Sweden

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Following a successful workshop in Hammarby Sjöstad, the WASTECOSMART Swedish cluster is preparing a questionnaire for residents to help identify new services and technologies that could further encourage reuse, repair and recycling, and increase social cohesion, in the city. 

On March 17 2016, the Swedish regional cluster arranged a half day workshop for residents of Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, on the subject of Circular Economy, inspired by discussions from previous WASTECOSMART meetings.


The success of the workshop highlighted the interest within the municipality for increased circular economy solutions. In order to transform this interest into more concrete next steps, the Swedish cluster have decided to perform in-depth interviews with residents.


The survey will be conducted during the course of the coming weeks, and will look to gauge the level of satisfaction with current systems, as well as the openness and preference for new solutions.


One potential new facility which will be evaluated in the questionnaire is a local repair centre for home electronics, such as computers. Residents will be asked to consider whether such a facility would be useful for the community, and how often they would be likely to use such a service.


The existing waste collection system will also be evaluated. Hammarby Sjöstad has a very high-tech waste sorting and transportation system, which sees waste leave the city via a series of underground passages. The user-friendliness of this system and its impact on recycling in the city will be investigated in the survey.