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A green district of Budapest plans to make the most out of green waste

The Hungarian cluster is based in the Central Hungarian Region, consisting of the county of Pest and the Capital City of Budapest. Some of the main features of the target area are the varied landscape and the large green spaces. The WASTECOSMART Central Hungarian Cluster counts with assets such as a knowledge-based economy with leading business, but also performant R&D and education centres. The cluster comprises of Geoview Systems Ltd. representing the Business partner; Soroksár - the Municipality of the XXIII District of Budapest as Public authority and the Corvinus University of Budapest, as Academia partner, supporting the cluster.

In the Central Hungarian Region 1584 kg per capita of Municipal Solid Waste is collected annually by the Municipal Public Services non-profit company. 38% of the collected waste is recycled and 40% goes to landfill. In the city of Budapest, waste collection is made door-to-door and inhabitants separate their waste in four categories: paper, white and coloured glass, plastic and bio-waste for composting. These fractions are then transported to selective waste collecting depots.

WASTECOSMART project focuses on the amelioration of the waste management systems of the 23rd district of the capital. Based on an in-depth analysis of the current operational waste management and waste collection systems, the Hungarian Cluster identified the utilisation of green waste, the district could benefit the most out of.

The Experimental and Research Farm of the University is situated in Soroksár - the municipality participating in the project, where the green waste of the district could also be made use of. This is what the Hungarian Cluster plans to investigate and at the same time it would like to benefit from the experiences of the WASTECOSMART partners.

For more information about this cluster:

Hungarian Cluster: http://wastecosmart.eu/en/cluster-regions/hungary

Academia: Corvinus University of Budapest - Faculty of Horticultural Science, www.uni-corvinus.hu

Business: Geoview Systems Ltd., www.geoview.hu

Public authority: Municipality of the XXIII District of Budapest, Soroksár, www.soroksar.hu


Contact details:

Name: Ms Judit Dömölki

Company: Geoview Systems Ltd.

E-mail: judit.domolki@geoview.hu