Area: 18 km2

Population: 49,953 inhabitants

Density: 2775 inhabitants/km2

GDP: 12,357 per capita in €

Amount of MSW (2011): 535 kg/capita


Academia: Politecnico di Torino, Engim San Paolo

Business: Ago Renewables SpA, CIDIU SpA

Public authority: Municipality of Collegno


The cluster is setup in the Piedmont Region, in particular it gathers subjects from the Province of Turin, where the Municipality of Collegno is located. Data refers to Municipality of Collegno.


Waste management


  • Waste generated: 412 kg/capita
  • Waste collected: 412 kg/capita
  • Waste recycling: 54.3% 
  • Waste energy recovery: 0% *
  • Waste to landfill: 45.7%

 System of source separation at household level


  • Separate waste collection for all 50k inhabitants in the Municipality of Collegno;
  • Door-to-door collection (5 categories: paper, organic, glass/tins, plastic, undifferentiated) in all districts;
  • Glass/tins and plastic collection is gathered by street level containers;
  • Other waste categories are collected in containers tagged and related to the condos or buildings they are assigned to;
  • Several waste depots (“isole ecologiche”) are placed in the municipality area.

 Key needs and aspirations in innovative waste management


  • To reduce the amount of waste generated;
  • To create a single energy plant in the region;
  • To divert waste from landfills;
  • To avoid waste production;
  • To track waste streams and weight;
  • To introduce new innovative waste collection tracking systems.


* The local inceneritor is currently under test.